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Basic Pack - Level 8

Basic Pack - Level 8
Polyescape 2 - Escape Game Guide

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This is the walkthrough for level 8 of Polyescape 2. This page will guide you through the actions needed to escape this level.

In this level you are in a blue room with a filing cabinet to the right.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Tap on the filing cabinet to view it then collect from the top drawer a Screen-bot head, and from the bottom drawer a Folder.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Next look to the right to find a console with a grid.

To complete this tap to view the 4 control arrows at the bottom and change the to 4 directions to control a cursor from the start point on the map and make it reach the end point flag after the 4 moves. When you have set them press ok to start the process.
Solution: Basic Pack - Level 8Show

You can now collect a Smart Orb and a keycard.

Turn back to the door and use the key card in the slot to open it.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Move through into the next room (grey).
Basic Pack - Level 8

Tap on the table surface on the right, Collect a Screen bot and the yellow CD.

Look to the left wall to see a large screen and to the left of is a receptacle.

Place the smart orb in the receptacle. On the screen you will see a display of the orb moving in a pattern around a grid.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Move back to the blue room and look to the right to see this grid on a table.
Basic Pack - Level 8
Hint: Trace the same pattern on the grid as the clue above.Show
Solution: Basic Pack - Level 8Show
Collect a green Chip.

Back in the grey room look to the right to see another shelf with a slot for a CD.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Use the CD in it to view a grid with the yellow border. Below are arrows that describe a set of directions from the start point to the flag at the end.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Tap to change to the next image with a red border and another set of directions.
The third has a blue border and the forth has a green border.
They then repeat.

Return to the blue room and see the 4 digit code entry on the back wall. (same 4 colours)
Basic Pack - Level 8
Hint: The directions on the images from the CD will draw out numbersShow
Code: 7692Show

Collect a Screen-bot Body.

Go back to the grey room and to the door at the far end. On the left is a panel. Tap to view this and place the green Chip.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Move though into this room.

In here there is a screen bot on top of 1 of 6 columns. In your invenotoy combine the head and body to make a screen bot. You now have 2 more.
You can place the screen bots on any column when you do the screen will show an image.

Hint: If the image is a set of arrows then you need to move that screen bot in that direction. If it is not an arrow and matches the image on the wall then it is in the correct position.
Solution: Basic Pack - Level 8Show

Collect an Energy Cube.

Back out to the previous room and look to the right to see another door.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Place the energy cube in the receptacle on the right to open the door then move through to the next room.

On the left wall is a set of icons.

In your inventory dismantle the folder to receice a Paper with Morse code listed.
Basic Pack - Level 8

Check the wall and translate it as Morse code letters
Hint: single icons are dots, double icons are dashes.Show
Code: PLAYShow

Rotate the view to the opposite wall. Enter the code here.

The final door opens and you can complete this level.

You can now move on to Level 9. If you have any questions for this level of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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