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Which Pokemon Should I Pick?

Which Pokemon Should I Pick?
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After you've successfully lured a few Pokemon in your base, you'd probably be thinking about which Pokemon you'd pick for your team. Though the game might look very simple on the surface, it actually has a lot of depth when it comes to putting together a team, balancing them, and making them progress seamlessly through the levels even on auto-play.

Which Pokemon Should I Pick?

First you'd want to pick is a Pokemon with a heavy damage. For instance, you'd want someone with a Hyper Beam attack that is relatively easy to acquire like Porygon. If for instance you do not have hyper beam as his default attack, try to train him until you get the move set. Make sure that you also equip and link the Scattershot Stone to the Hyper Beam (will produce two beams) attack to get rid of multiple enemies at a time as they tend to clump up together.

Second is to have a Tank that would take most of the attacks and secure the team from being exhausted all at once. The easiest way to do this is to hoard for a lot of gray ingredients to cook and lure an Onix or Golem. These two are the easiest to lure among all other Pokemon that will serve the purpose. Make sure that they do have useful enough move set to start with, or otherwise you'd want something to like "harden".

The third Pokemon, you can choose between a buff inducing Pokemon, or someone that can render confuse on the enemies. Otherwise, at the very least, make sure you'll have another heavy hitter in the group.

Which Pokemon Should I Pick?

Finally, one more thing to consider is the bingo bonuses of the Pokemon you pick. To check for their bingo bonuses, click on the Pokemon (on edit team or the line-up at the bottom of the screen on your base camp), and then clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the upper right portion of the screen. This will show a comprehensive data about your Pokemon and the concluding bingo bonuses it will have once you've successfully placed 3 power stones in a single row. On another note, some Pokemon have special power stone slots that can accommodate both type of stones (Power or HP). This unique feature can renders extra versatility to your Pokemon which can benefit you depending on the situation.

Which Pokemon Should I Pick?

Some Pokemon like Snorlax have one of highest stats in the game - given that you unlock these bingo bonuses. Make that one of your considerations prior to spending time and effort on leveling and training your Pokemon.

However, if you've manage to pull-off the required quantity of Mystical Ingredients to cook up Ambrosia of Legends ala Cube early in the game, a Legendary Pokemon is without question an irreplaceable member of your roster.


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