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Pokemon Cafe Mix is an official Pokemon game from Nintendo and Game Freak. In the game, you are the owner of a cafe and your customers are the Pokemon, serve them well! We've put together some beginner Pokemon Cafe Mix cheats and tips to help get you off to a great start in this fun game.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Cheats and Tips

Look out for events. If you are lucky enough to spot an event going on then you may be able to bag a special reward for your Cafe.

Look after your customers! You really want to try to increase the friendship levels of your customers, you do this by completing the puzzle and serving them whatever they want, once you have enough stars for a particular Pokemon, their friendship level will increase.

Look out for the friendship bonus which will give you 3x stars for the next puzzle!

Fill your skill meter. If you link lots of Pokemon together in the puzzle part of the game, you'll increase your skill meter more quickly. The gauge fills more quickly when you fill the leader Pokemon's icons. When the skill meter is filled, a skill icon will appear.

Fill your skill meter

You can sometimes do this multiple times on the same puzzle. And two skill icons can then be combined for an even stronger effect.

Try to position the skill icons so that they are activated in the place that gives them the most effect.

As you build up you Pokemon helper's motivation by making combos, sometimes Leah's megaphone will appear. The megaphone can clear a few icons in the direction it's facing.
Skill Icon and Megaphone

Set your Pokemon leader according to their specialty. As you play through the game and unlock more Pokemon to join your team you should consider changing the Team Leader that are specialists in the item you are trying to make. For example, Charmander who you get after level 7 is a drinks specialist.

This means that you will be able to fill the skill mater faster if your leader's skill matches the category of the order you are working on.

How to Get Scorbunny

From time to time, Pokemon Cafe Mix offers special events, during these events you could get access to special Pokemon for a limited time. I mean you'll get to keep them if yo unlock them, but you'll only be able to collect them for the duration of the event.

From July 1, 2020, to July 15, 2020, there is a chance that Scorbunny will appear in your café as a customer. If you want to try to collect Scorbunny, then you need to increase your friendship level with the Scorbunny and then try to recruit him before the event is over. If successful, he-ll then join you as a member of your staff!

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Look out for other Pokemon events in Pokemon Cafe Mix to unlock other special Pokemon.
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