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Pawn Shop Master Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Version: 0.46 | $1.99 - $2.99 per item

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If you've seen the Pawn Shop shows in the TV then this is pretty much what this game is about. People will enter your shop, and you then evaluate the product and decide whether or not there is enough profit in it for you to make the purchase. There are some similar games out there already, such as the popular Bid Wars. We've put together some Pawn Shop Master cheats, tips and strategy to help you get started in the game.

Pawn Shop Master Cheats, Tips and Strategy

The basic idea of the game is that you purchase products that you can get for cheaper than they are actually worth in order to make a profit. Avoid stolen goods as they can bring some trouble.

You can get items for cheaper and sell for more money if you are prepared to watch ads. There are lots of opportunities to increase the amount of money you earn on items if you watch the reward based ads.

VIP Customers enter the shop from time to time, usually with a great deal, the catch is however is that you have to watch a video ad to get that great deal, which usually means a product that you can make a decent amount of profit on.

Don't use the quick sell feature right away, try to build up your stock as you will get customers come in the store looking for specific items which they will pay a lot for.

Use the polish features whenever you can as it will increase the value of your items.

Look out for robber that enter your store, you can send them packing by watching an ad, otherwise they may steel some of your cash.

If you are low on money, you can consider one of the options to watch an ad for more free in-game money, or quick sell some of your inventory.

Would love to say more about this game. But after playing it for a while, the ads were just too much! Hope the developers sort this out quickly as it could be a decent title.
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