My Little Terrarium - Garden Idle

My Little Terrarium - Garden Idle

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Review by GuestAug 2nd 2021
I love this game so much. I have been playing it pretty obsessively to be honest haha. As amazing as it is, it does have a lot of things I think could be  improved...
1. The biggest thing is there needs to be a way to sort the inventory! Even a tag type system: deco, 100% plants, 0% plants, gem plants, animal plants etc. A way to order things better would even help - if all 100% are at the beginning after statues and all 0% are at the end.
2. A improved/expanded coin shop. A way to sell grown plants and maybe a limited amount of worms and specific food types available for coins would be super awesome.
3. A way to be able to see the growth of a plant. When plants are thirsty you are able to see the percentage, but if clicking a plant anytime showed it, that would be helpful. Also, on a similar note, I would love if on the zoom out screen there was some sort of indication a terriaum had plants that needed watering. Obviously plant colors change but its sometimes hard to see. Maybe an exclamation mark and/or a number of thirsty plants?
4. More settings, like being able to turn off weather effects, or choose the color of the grounds in terriaums - individually preferably. Also, if i turn off music and sounds - there should be no noises and music should not turn itself on each time you change songs! Its sooo irritating, and having to go to settings and turn music on and then off again is so frustrating! I like to have my own music in the background.
5. A few other random things i think would be helpful/useful:
-Arrows or something on the egde of each screen to scroll between terriaums instead of having to zoom out every single time.
- Being able to move the cat/cat house. It could be one connected item, but being able move it around the main terriaum would be nice as i find its position kinda odd and hard to plant around.
- A clear all option for each terriaum! Im constantly removing everything and having to do it one by one sucks.
- An option to buy a random common plant. The task to buy a common plant comes up so often and it would be nice to not have to choose each time.
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Review by GuestSep 11th 2020
It's cute to play I never rated it I'm sorry ;[.
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Review by GuestMay 18th 2020
This game is probably one of my favorite games I own! It’s calming and fun to give all of the different animals their food and decorating
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Review by GuestApr 21st 2020
I think that this is a very relaxing game.
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Review by GuestMar 22nd 2020
I love this game! It’s so visually appealing and stress relieving.
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Review by GuestJan 30th 2020
This game is very relaxing but sometimes the animals do disappear
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Review by GuestJan 22nd 2020
It's cute and creative and there is a lot to do.
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Review by GuestJan 14th 2020
Very fun and cute. Aesthetically pleasing. Very addicting too lol
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