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My Dog: Pet Game Simulator is a simulation game from Boltrend Games where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite puppies. Choose from more than 70 dog breeds and build your collection. You can design your home from a variety of furniture, decoration, and layouts. Then, you can invite or visit your friends to socialize with other puppies at home.

If you are just getting started with this great new pet sim game then check through out top tips for playing and enjoying My Dog.

Hints and tips for My Dog Pet Game Simulator

Follow the tutorial

When you start the game it will run through the basic functions, how to react to your dogs needs and the basics of training. While this does not explain everything it will give you a good start and you can check the Answers Page here to ask any questions you might have.

Add friends and join a clan

While there is plenty to do by yourself in the game you will be able to gain extra rewards and complete challenges by visiting friends and helping out your clan. Your friends list is found by tapping the icon at the bottom left and you can add new friends by tappig the + icon on the right. This lets you search by name but if you move to the Post tab and then back to the friends tab then you can see the other friends options including Active User which give a list of recently active players to choose from. Select any and you can visit them or Add them to send a frend request. Visit your friends every day, give them likes and bless their gold if possible.

From the main screen you can Tap the Paw icon on the bottom right to open the main menu. From here you can select the Clan option. Here you can start your own clan which costs 100000 gold. Or search through the list of open clans and make request to join them.

Tasks & Activity

Each day you will have a list of tasks that you can complete for rewards. Completing these will help build up your gold coins quickly and help you gain Exp to level you up. Make sure to focus on these when you get on the game each day.

Special offers

Make sure to check the Special offers box each day for deals, If you are eqrning a good amount of gold then spending this on the DogTag for coins options is recommended.

You should also check the Activity option for any free rewards avilable.

Milestones & Career

Remember to check into the Milestone menu and also the Season rewards screen which are found from the top righ to icons on the screen. Both of these have free rewards that you unlock as you progress as well as permium pass rewards that you can purchase.

Spin the wheel

The wheel will give you the ability to earn screws to craft the furniture and design your home as well as diamonds, coins and the ability to rob other players (or shield yourself from them). You get up to 6 chances to spin the wheel with new chances generating every hour. The more you spin the better the rewards get so hit it whenever you can.

Invest time

My Dog is a fun game designed to let you spend time enjoying your pet dogs. Just like with real dogs you will need to take care of them, and you will need to also train them and play with them. There is a lo to do, including games, and competing with friends and straty dogs. You can play this casually but to get the most out of it and to build your dog collection you will need to spend plenty of time in the game each day.

We hope these tips are useful to you, if you have any questions about playing My dog then please go to the answer page to ask there.


My Dog:Pet Game Simulator FAQs

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What's the easiest way to get dog tags?

You can check the Special offers every day and pick up tags for gold coins.

Can you give your dogs names?

Yes, tap the avatar of the current dog at the top of the screen to open its stats and info. Then tap the pencil icon next to the current name e.g. 'puppy'.

How do you rob other players for screws?

When you spin the wheel there is a change of landing on a 'Rob' option. When this happens you can choose a random player to rob.

How do I get screws?

Spin the wheel (on the bottom right set of buttons), you can do this many times a day to get screws, coins and other rewards.

How do I invite friends?

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My Dog:Pet Game Simulator Reviews

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this game is entertaining because its sad at first but then your dog is cuter and you can do whatever you want to your dog and its like real but it is just a game you can pick whatever clothing you want for your dog if you don't like it i think it is entertaining and it helps me how to take care of dogs more but i ..

4.3 / 5.0

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