Monopoloy GO! Globe Trottin - How to Complete the Album

By Richard Gardner | Updated: Apr 27th 2023

A mega reward awaits any player that can complete the album within the time limit in Monopoly GO! But is is achievable without spending money?

We take a look and check out the best way to complete the Glob Trottin album in Monopoly GO!


Globe Trottin - How to Complete the Album

There is no doubt, completing an album in Monoploy GO! is a massive task, but if you start early and work at it every day, there is a chance you'll be able to complete the album without spending any money on the game.

You can collect stickers from tournament rewards, as event rewards, and just by playing the game.

Globe Trottin Event - Your Chance to Win Big!
Globe Trottin Event - Your Chance to Win Big!

Stickers Trading Group

You don't get too many stickers every day, but with things the Stickers Trading Group on Facebook, your chances of completing the album go up significantly.

To join the Monopoly GO! Stickers Trading Group, you do have to have a Facebook account, and probably it would be better to connect your game to your Facebook account if you are going to join their trading card group too.

Stickers Trading Group
Stickers Trading Group

Stickers For Rewards

If you don't fancy joining the Facebook Trading Card Group, then there is also the option to trade duplicates for rewards.

While this won't get you more stickers, at least you'll be able to get something for the stickers that you don't need.

Best Way to Collect Stickers

The best way to collect stickers in Monopoly GO! is to keep rolling. Look out for events that offer stickers as rewards, we have a great page which summarises all of the events that we know of in the game here: All Events Explained.

And another great article to keep you rolling - How to get Free Rolls - As long as you are rolling, then you stand a chance of getting stickers.

But ideally we want to keep rolling for free! So check out in the article above the best ways to get free dice in Monopoly GO!.

The Quick Wins event which resets daily and is accessed by the Wins tab in the bottom left of the game screen is a decent way to get some stickers

You may be lucky enough to get stickers for the daily tasks, or you may have to work towards the weekly goal score to get the stickers which sometimes includes rarer stickers too.

Complete Sets

If you can complete a color set on Monopoly GO! you'll get a wheel spin chance, that will also give you a chance to get some stickers too, especially if you land on the vault.

Globe Trottin - How to Complete the Album Summary

While it is difficult to do, it is possible to complete the Globe Trottin album. You'll probably need to play consistently for the duration of the event, and most likely have to join the Facebook Trading Group too in order to help you make trades.

So it's not easy, but without rewards of thousands of spins and millions in in-game cash - do you expect it to be!

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