Merge Journey: Your travel antiquing merge game

Merge Journey Tips and Strategy

Merge Journey: Your travel antiquing merge game
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Version: 1.2.10 | In-Game Purchases

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As the game name may suggest, Merge Journey is game where you need to combine items in order to merge them into something else, you play through the game fulfilling each of the game requests which are shown at the top of the game screen. Below, we take a look in more detail on exactly what you need to do, and give a few of our best Merge Journey Tips!

Merge Journey Tips

Merge your perks
If possible don't redeem your coins and energy until they have reached the max merge level, this will give you the most value for your item.

Merge shaded items
Some of the items on the game board are shaded out and until you have merged the matching item into this shaded item, the square is basically unusable. Unlock these squares as soon as you can to make more spaces available on the board.

Don't be too quick!
By this I mean, don't take a merge beyond the level needed for the item that is being requested. It's much better to just merge to order especially in the beginning stages, so check above the game board to see what is being requested and merge just to that item - not further.

When you progress later in the game and you are tight for space, it is actually a good idea to keep merging, to free up squares, you can always sell the merged item if you need to.

Watch some ads
In my opinion watching ads for some free stuff in the game is better than parting with your cash for extra energy, so take advantage of the in game ads if you don't mind watching them and grab whatever is on offer for free!
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