Merge Dream - Mansion design - Decorate your house

Merge Dream Tips and Tricks

Merge Dream - Mansion design - Decorate your house
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Version: 1.2.8 | In-Game Purchases

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Merge Dream is a well made and fun merge game where the idea is to complete quests by merging items to construct the items needed in the quest list to gain rewards. Check out our Merge Dream tips below to find out what to do in the game, how to get free energy, free gems, how to speed up time and more!

Merge Dream Tips and Tricks

Merge Dream is simple to play, basically, tap items which generate other items on the board, you merge them, and hopefully end up with one of the items in your quest list! But with a little thought, planning a strategy, you'll be knocking this game out of the park in no time at all. Here are our best tips and tricks for Merge Dream - Mansion Design.

1. Check the Quest List
It's really important to check the quest list all the time, the quest list is basically the clipboard looking icon on the main game screen. This will tell you the next items you need and in what merge chain the can be found. Also, you will be able to see the source item that you get the items in the merge chain. Just check the 'i' icon when you are in the quest list to see how to get the item that you need.
How to Get Items
How to Get Items

2. All About Free Energy
You start the game with 100 energy, every tap you make will deplete your energy by one, it does come back over time, but for sure, you will run out of energy faster that you can use it! So you'll need a good plan to get some free energy in Merge Dream. First of all, you can usually watch an add for a small energy boost. Just tap the energy icon at the top of the game screen to see if you have an ad available to watch for free energy. If no ad is available then usually you can buy some energy for 5 gems for 100 energy.
Get Some Free Energy
Get Some Free Energy

Another way to get free energy is to use the energy icons which appear on the game board. You only want to use these though when they are fully merged as then you'll get the biggest energy boost.

3. Getting Free Gems
You can sometimes get free gems via the piggy bank item, like coins and energy, you should merge these free gems to the max before double tapping and redeeming them. This will get you the biggest bang for your buck.

4. Stay Focused
Leave spare spaces on your board to focus on your quests, if you fill up your inventory and start filling up your bag spaces too, it makes things very difficult to save enough of the items that you need for the big merges later in the game. You can of course sell items on the board, which is sometimes a necessary thing to do.
Quest List
Quest List

5. Speed Up Time
Get an egg time to speed up time, this is especially handy when you have nothing available to tap or you want to open a chest quickly. The Egg Timers are quite a rare item, so use sparingly.
Use the Egg Timer to Speed Up Time
Use the Egg Timer to Speed Up Time

Best use when you have multiple items that you all need speeding up. Not usually good to use when you are just waiting for one thing as it is such a good buff.

All in all this is a really fun game, in a genre that we do like a lot, if you need extra help finding items or want to know how to merge a particular item, check out our Merge Dream Answers Page where you can ask the team here at AppGamer and it's visitors.
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It's great fun, but sometimes don't know how the game works like producing seeds
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