Merge Design: Home Renovation & Mansion Makeover

Merge Design: Home Renovation & Mansion Makeover

Merge Design: Home Renovation & Mansion Makeover

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Merge Design is another fun merge based game with a design side story to let you exercise your home makeover talents. The core game play is based around merging a huge variety of DIY, furniture and creative items which will let you complete quests to decorate a range of rooms.

Whether you enjoy the design process or not the merge game is simple to play but also offers a real challenge when it comes to completing the quests and unlocking all of the items in the game.

Beginners Hints and Tips

The game will start you off with a brief intro but you will soon be on your own. There is a lot to learn with so many different sets of items. And limited, although not too limited, energy to use. We have a few tips to follow though that will help you make the most of the experience.

Check the Shop
The shop is the basket icon to the bottom left of your merge board. In it you will find offers for diamond purchases if you are a keen player but also a good range of offers for items and boxes for coins that can help you find specific items quickly. The offers can be useful and good value, but check the store every day to collect the piggy bank. This will help you earn extra coins for the important purchases. If you play a lot then also consider spending the 5 crystals (if you have them) for the energy top up.

Try to keep spaces on the board
When you start out the merging board will have space but will also have items in place that are covered with a cobweb. These items need to me merged with one that you make to remove them. Very quickly you will also find that the board can fill up as you try out all the generators to get the items you want. A full board though will halt your progress very quickly.

Use your coin where you can spare them to buy extra inventory slots so that you can store items you want to hang on to in there. It is also worth tryg to focus on one quest or set of items at a time. When you have what you want from a specific items set you can sell of the extras for coins. It is not the most efficient method for your energy use but it will keep the board with spaces free for the next quest.

Earn Rewards
A lot of the more important items in the game will come from the rewards items and boxes that you gain from completing the tasks. There are also rewards when you level up from gaining XP. Keep a close eye on the task list (bottom left icon) and any opportunities to earn XP stars as you merge to let you level up faster. Every reward will help.

As well as the boxes and items you will also earn Energy spheres and various types of coins. These will also appear in the 'Pocket' option on the left. Tap these to place then and then use them to gain the rewards. Unfortunately your pocket items can only be used one at a time in the order that you received them so you cannot choose the next item based on your needs.

Merge Coins and XP
When you earn Coins or XP stars you can merge these to increase their value. Unless you really need the item now do not cash it in until you have merged it to the highest level. You will gain much more from the top level merge that from the lower level ones.

We hope these tips are useful for playing Merge Design: Home Renovation & Mansion Makeover. If you have any questions for playing Merge Design please head to the Answers Page to ask there. And feel free to drop a review below to let others know what you think of the game.
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Merge Design is pretty addictive in the beginning but the farther into the game you get the less you can do without spending money on a daily basis.Also,the same items are asked for over&over&it gets very boring matching the same things for 2 weeks straight just to get 1 high level item
3.3 / 5.0

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