Mekorama Cheats and Tips

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Version: 1.1 | 4+

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Mekorama is a charming 3d puzzle solving game from Martin Magni. It has been available on various platforms for some

time but has recently been updated on Mobile. If you are new to the game you might benefit from checking out out cheats and tips for solving the puzzles and getting to grips with the design options.

Mekorama Cheats and Tips
Mekorama Cheats and Tips

Hints and Tips for Mekorama

There is a lot to love about Mekorama, the game play is simple but the puzzles can take some working out as well as, in

some cases, some skill and determination to complete.

The number one hint for the game it to keep trying. You can repeat the level over and over and restart at any time so if

do not claim all of the objectives on your first try just go again and look for a different plan.

You will be able to freely move your view around and check the layout from any angle. You can also play the game in

both portrait and landscape view. Portrait view will be a benefit as most levels have a lot of height to them which can be

seen easier in this format, but you can use whichever is more comfortable for you.

Checking the layout of the map from all sides, including above, to spot the stars, the exit and any pitfalls at the start will

help you plan your moves and route. There is no time limit so you can be methodical wirth this. Or you can use trial and

error and repeat attempts to find what works.

Move carefully
As you navigate around you will often need to move platforms with your robot on them, or pass around rotating obtects.

In make cases you can easitly get your robot knocked off the pplatform which in many cases will send it for a swim or

leave it stranded, meaning a level restart is needed.

Are you Stuck?
If you find yourself stuck then there are hints you can use in the game. They are also sometmies clues to be spotted,

chec kthe name of the level for example.

Make sure to explore thouroughly. Often there can be items that need to be interacted with. This might be by moving

them with your finger, or simply by moving the robot next to them.

Making Levels
The extra bonus with this game is the ability to design and create your own levels and share them with others. This can take a litle while to get the hang of but can be good fun. A good start is to keep your intial designs as simple as possible. and add in complexity slowly. Test as you go to make sure everythig works and there are no interaactive items that cannot be easily accessed.

We hope this tips help you enjoy Mekorama. If you have any questions please try the Answers Page to ask there.
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