MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever

Stage 14

MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever
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Stage 14
MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever Guide

How to solve Stage 14 which is the 15th level in MechBox 2.

Layer 14 contains a 4x4 grid of buttons on the right and a code entry on th left. THere is a clue written on the paper at the top.
Stage 14


This is a clue to the code needed for the 4 digit entry. The words are scrambled
Solution: THE KEY IS NOW
The code that you need is the time on your device right now. Check the time and enter it in the 4 digits. For example if your device says it is 3:56 then enter 0356.
Stage 14

This will reveal a button. Tap this and the grid on the right will activate. The grid now shows a each button with a 0 or a 1.
Stage 14

To solve this grid puzzle we have to tap the buttons to change each of them to a 1. But every button you tap will also change all the others in the same row and column.

This is a difficult puzzle and you will need to work towards a position with 1 row and column with red 0's that you can then tap and change to 1's.

Once you manage to do this the green end button will be revealed.
Stage 14

This is the last level of the game at the moment, but more may be added. When they are we will cover them here. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page.

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