MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever

Stage 03

MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever
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Stage 03
MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever Guide

How to solve Stage 03 which is the fourth level in MechBox 2.

The keypad on the left has 9 buttons but without any markings. When pressed in the right order the buttons will stay 'on' but when you make a mistake they will all reset so you will need to start again.
Stage 03

Work out the correct order of the 9 buttons to complete this puzzle.

Solution. Stage 03Show

Once done a panel will open revealing an empty slot for a chip.

Next. tap and drag the bottom center button from the keypad over to the circle on the right between the blue and red horizontal wires. Tap the button in this position to reveal a draw with a chip in it.
Stage 03

Drag the chip over to the slot on the left to activate a screen and the numbered keypad.

For a clue to the next code slice the ship draw on the lower left down to close it and reveal a paper with markings. The markings are similar to roman numerals.
Code: Stage 03
Markings are similar to I V II IV -> 1 5 2 4

The code activates a distorted image on the screen. To view this properly you need to look up from below with your device tilted away from you.
Stage 03
Code: The image shows ENTER 3695 ENTER - Code is 3695Show

Enter this code and the screen will move to reveal the green end button. You can now move on to Stage 04. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page.

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