Maxi Exploration Pro Survival World Adventure

Maxi Exploration Pro Survival World Adventure

Exploration lite & Exploration Pro
Version: 3.1 | Everyone

Exploration pro randomly generated cube worlds, build and create amazing & perfect things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of cube fortresses and castles and mine to the earth core! Become an adventurer!

Just cube world and your infinite creativity! Build perfect structures step by step, create awesome castles! Very quick and easy.

Exploration pro is an edition of sandbox craft building game, you can build anything you can image, craft for new things, and suvival, the only limit is your imagination. You will see cute animals playing with you, monsters, zombie will kill you if you near to them.

Easy and intuitive to use, build, delete, move, fly, jump and Save. and it is all for FREE!!!
Easily set the building blocks you wish to set and build anything you can imagine.
Exploration pro lite moved to another level. This Exploration lite game, inspired by the popular cube voxel based games, gives you opportunity to transform the terrain in 3D environment, and build a perfect cube world!
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