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Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars
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Alliance war in Marvel Strike Force is a one on one event between your alliance and another. The Alliance war events last for 24 hours and are split into seasons that last for 2 weeks. Over the 2 weeks you will have multiple events that take place with a different opponent each time. You con only fight one opponent at a time.

The Alliance War option only unlocks when you reach Commander level 45 and also get to Alliance level 20. You will also have to have been an active member of an Alliance for 24 hours before you can participate in War.

The rewards that you will be able to obtain from alliance wards are as follows: character shards, Blue, Purple, and Orange gear materials, Leaderboard Ranking rewards, Gold, War Credits, and Elite War Credits.

To qualify for rewards you will need to make at least one attack or boost one defensive squad, You will gain rewards through each individual war that you participate in and also at the end of each War Season.

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