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Marvel Strike Force Currencies Guide

Marvel Strike Force Currencies Guide
MARVEL Strike Force Guide

There are many currencies in Marvel Strike Force that yo will need to collect and will let you unlock various items and options. This is a quick guide to each of them and how to get them.

Gold is the basic in game currency that is used for most progression and item purchases. Use them for levelling up characters and character’s gear, combining their gear and buying items from the Supplies store. You will receive a lot of gold from rewards in the game but you will also need a great deal to complete all the actions you will want to do. Spend it when you need to but try to keep a stock where you can for unlocking characters.

Power Cores
Power cores are designed as the Premium currency in MSF. They can be used in the game to purchase orbs, Energy Refills, Health Packs, Supplies, and Arena Charges. You will be able to get a few each day given for free. It’s primarily obtained from levelling up, doing your daily missions and Arena Payouts each day. You can of course also buy them with real money.

Energy Refill Credit
There are used to quickly refill your energy. They can be obtained through achievements and Daily Missions or bought with power cores. They are useful to keep you playing when your energy runs out and you don't want to wait for it to regenerate.

Arena Credits
Arena Credits can be used to purchase Orbs and Supplies in the Arena Store. You can get 250 Arena Credits each day for completing the daily mission to do 2 Arena Battles, and also an amount of Arena Credits based on your ranking.

Blitz Credits
Blitz Credits are the currency earned by fighting in Battlegrounds battles. They are used to purchase character shards, supplies, or orbs in the Blitz Store. You can get these from winning Blitz Battles, completing Blitz Milestones and the Blitz daily mission.

Raid Credits
Raid Credits are awarded each time you clear a Raid mission. They are used to purchase character shards, supplies, or orbs in the Raid Store.

Blitz Charges
The charges are used to refresh your characters between blitz matches to continue competing. They are vital to getting a high score in Blitz and cannot be bought, so you must play to earn them through daily missions and challenges.

Raid Energy Refill Credit
Similar to Energy Refill credits but for raids and much more rare. They are only obtained through special events or purchasing Offers.

Raid Tickets
These are earned once you join an Alliance at level 20. You can earn 600 per day, and they go straight towards your Alliance. They are used to open Raids for your Alliance.

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