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Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank
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The piggy bank is an aspect of the game that we have had m,any questions about and is now a common feature found in many freemium mobile games. Here is how it is designed to work.

As you complete levels in Mahjong City Tours you will earn some free coins as well as other items. The coins are for you to use on buying the boosters and items you may need to complete more levels. In addition to this the game will award you with coins for your piggy bank. When the piggy reaches a certain level (250 coins) you can pay money to break it open and gain the extra coins. You can wait until the piggy is completely full (400 coins) to do this and get a better deal.
Piggy Bank
Paying to open the piggy bank is optional, if you need coins and might normally pay money to buy some anyway then the piggy bank would represent a slightly cheaper way of doing this if you can wait until its full. Buying coins in the game is optional and fortunately the developer has made it so that you can play the game without any payment, but it does help support future game development if players spend money on the game from time to time so the piggy bank is is place in this and many other games for that reason.

231 Play have also been very considerate with the piggy bank and have included an option when it is full to 'Shake' it and break it open to gain a small boost of 10 coins. This will empty the piggy and start the collection of coins again.

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