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Game boosters and purple tiles

Game boosters and purple tiles
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Mahjong city tours has some pretty tough levels which does add to the fun but to help you get through them there are several boosters and bonus items that you can use to help you progress. Many of them can be earned as rewards from game progress and tournament performance but they can also be bough with the in game coins that you also earn (or can buy if needed).

Below is a run down of the different types of booster items available to use.

The flashlight can be selected at the start of a level, or activated while playing. When activated for a level it will highlight all tiles that are open for matching. Those that are blocked by other tiles will appear greyed out. This doesn't provide you with the tiles that can definitely be matched, but instead helps you to focus on only the available tiles to make it easier to spot matches. The flashlight remains active for the whole level until you complete it or fail it.

Light bulb / Hint
The light bulb purple tiles appear in some levels and when tapped they will show you matching tiles on the board to collect. Each light bulb tile will highlight 2 sets of matches for you.

The light bulb booster option at the start of the game can be activated to replace several normal tiles in the levels board with light bulb purple tiles.

While playing you also have the option to use a blue light bulb hint at the bottom which will also highlight a match for you.

The purple Bomb tiles found in some levels will automatically find a clear some matches for you. This is similar to the light bulb but does not require you to tap on the tiles. This can be useful if you are trying to build or use a multiplier to boost your score.

While playing you also have the option to use a bomb boosted from the bottom bar if you have them available.

Dog tiles
Dog tiles appear in some levels to replace other tiles. All dog tiles can be matched with each other so having them will slightly simplify the level you a re playing. You can activate a dog tile booster at the start of a level to replace several tiles in the board with dog tiles to improve he chances of winning it.

Shooting Stars
Shooting star purple tiles can be tapped to activate 10 seconds of the maximum score multiplier for the level. If you are prepared for this and can make several quick matches then it can greatly increase your score for the level. Very useful if you want to get the 3 stars or a tough level.

You can activate a shooting star booster at the start of any level if you have the available of buy then with coins.

The shuffle option can be found at the bottom of the game screen while playing and will be offered as an option if you reach a dead end on the level board with no more moves to make. On some levels it can be very easy to get stuck with no moves to play and the only option is to quit and try again of shuffle the pieces and give yourself another chance to finish it. Shuffling is a useful way to get through tough levels but you will not have many shuffle items to use.

If you have any more questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask it there, or see if you can help others.

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