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How to play the tournaments

How to play the tournaments
Mahjong City Tours Guide

The tournaments in Mahjong City Tours run each week for a number of days and are open to any player once they have reached level 31.

Entering the tournament is automatic when you play the game and the only requirement is to play levels and earn the blue stars in the same way as you earn the normal stars for scoring points. The blue stars add up to your tournament score and when the time runs out you will earn rewards based on your position. The more stars you earn the higher you can be placed. All players that take part will earn a reward, the better you do the better the reward can be.

Tournaments also include league levels that you can progress through. At the end of each tournament if you have placed well enough you can be promoted to the higher league. But if you fail to earn enough stars you can also be demoted to a lower league.

There are 5 league levels in the tournaments, Wood, that you will start in, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The higher the league level you compete in each week the better the rewards you can obtain at the end.

Replaying Levels
It is possible to replay some levels to gain stars for the current tournament so you can compete even if you are unable to play new levels. This does not include levels below 31.

Check out the rest of the guide for more help with this game. If you have any questions for Mahjong City Tours please head to the Answers Page to ask it there.

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