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1. Explore
There are a handful of hidden areas in each stage. They may contain gold, items, or more importantly, equipment. These equipment are mostly good and will save you the trouble of buying equipment. One equipment of note is just at the very beginning of the game, it is past the left box and if you manage to get to the far left, you can find the Jumpman Suit which increases your jumping ability greatly. Aiding you in reaching secret areas otherwise hard to reach with conventional jumping. It even lets you skip some puzzles outright.

2. Jump Timing
You will have most likely accidentally flung your weapon at your enemy's head. If not, the game tells you this shortly. You land a critical blow if your weapon somehow hits the enemy's head. This is useful because later on, the enemies will be a lot tougher if you don't kill them with critical hits. Also, aiming for the head means that your weapon will be flying higher than the enemies. Meaning it will most likely not hit the enemy's weapon and get deflected.

3. Stamina
Your stamina can be found under your HP bar and is represented by colored dots. These dictate how often you can attack and should be taken note of when fighting. You do not want to run out of stamina in the middle of a fight since running out of stamina means you can't attack.

4. Weapon variations
The weapons in this game are all thrown even if the logical use of a sword is to swing it at something. Given this case, some of them have unique qualities. For example, a puzzle that requires you to hit a switch behind a thin slit cannot be done with a hammer because it won't fit. This is much better accomplished with a sword or a knife. The hammer hits hard but has a shorter flight time until it oddly explodes. Some weapons even have a small Area of effect quality.

5. Armor elements
Wearing certain armor gives you bonuses. Some give you armor (in my opinion this can be sacrificed if you just simply avoid getting hit) others modify your jumping ability like the Jumpman suit previously mentioned, others just directly improve your attack. Some give you immunity to certain hazards in the stages. For example Air attribute armor gives you immunity to spikes while fire armor quite obviously grants you immunity to flame traps.

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