Magic Rampage

Step in the shoes of a skilled adventurer and uncover the story and the mystery of what has befallen this place and help the characters you meet along the way to fulfill their duties.

Magic Rampage is available for download for free on both Android and iOS platforms and it has in-app purchases in which you can buy Gold, the game's currency, but there really is no need to buy unless you are having a real hard time or have no time to play because the game gives you a serviceable amount of gold and you can even replay levels that give more gold. There seem to be no ads around as well which is always a good thing but this may change in the future if the developers decide to place some ads in.

Any gamer who has played and liked games like Castlevania, Kirby, and even to some degree, Mario, would find this game oddly satisfying when it comes to its platforming and combat. Magic Rampage is an action RPG platformer that borrows heavily from the 2D side-scrolling games of the past. You start as an adventurer that seems to just happen to arrive just right after an evil warlock captured a castle and turned its inhabitants into monsters. Although you aren't given any background or reason as to why you are doing this, you just do it anyway. Adventurer's track records in games shows this trend and they don't plan on changing this now. Aside from the lack of explanation and reason to do these, you meet some actual survivors and they do have stuff going on for them too.

The gameplay involves moving around the castle, killing enemies, acquiring loot and making your way through levels in the castle with a boss at the end of every 10 levels. Each level gets progressively harder with its trap design and the difficulty of the enemies that reside in it with some even chasing you down being able to jump over obstacles like you do. The loot in the game consists of various weapons, armor and trinkets to help you survive and defeat the enemies in the castle effectively. These items affect your character's various "abilities" since this game has no stats like most games. You have abilities like armor that reduces damage you take, jump impulse that influences your jumping ability, speed that increases your movement speed among other abilities. They also could have an innate elemental affinity. For example, having fire armor on gives you immunity to fire traps on some levels. While donning an armor with air affinity grants you immunity to spikes. Not sure how that works but that's what you get.

There is also a survival mode where you fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies in a gauntlet-like room with traps that only harm you (too bad) and achievements that would keep the players who love achievements busy.

The graphics consist of simple 2D sprites that look like it could have been a flash game before or at least the assets could have been made there. Nevertheless they look quite good. Some effects like the particle effects of some weapons, hit effects are nice as well. Simple and easy on the eyes. The graphical quality is fine but what would be nice would be more models and animations. You see lots of weapons that look the same but do different things and/or have a special electric effect going on for it. In animations, they could add more animations to differentiate the type of weapon being used. It is also odd that all weapons that are usually melee, are being thrown. All the weapons are thrown here. Aside from the graphics, the sound is rather nice too. It doesn't get too repetitive and fits the mood and atmosphere well.

Magic Rampage is a fine game that brings back some elements back from the old days of gaming. It has some similarities but none of the complex mechanics. It is just right for a mobile game. Its survival game mode and achievements also give you much more to do than the regular campaign.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Apr 30th 2015


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Review by Academic ElfJun 8th 2019
Fun, fast paced, RPG game with an old school feel. I enjoy how each game dungeon or competition should take less than 4 minutes to complete. You can advance very well without spending any money.
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Review by Breakable_EggshellMay 22nd 2019
It's a pretty good rpg + platformer game.
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Review by darknaioFeb 11th 2019
Pretty neat platformer, decent length, micro transactions aren't terrible.
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Review by GuestJan 8th 2019
Its freakin awesome that's all you need to know...
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Review by GuestSep 8th 2018
The best game on the world, I like this game so much, I can not believe you created something so cool like this, thank you very much
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Review by GuestAug 28th 2018
Its fun, you can not only build your character to excessive damage and or armor, the story is great and the design of the game is appealing
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Review by GuestAug 14th 2018
It's perfect and want more updates in the story.
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Review by BoooJun 30th 2018
It's very goood (get it. It's my id name) I can't describe it. I try many 3D game's but magic rampage is the best. it may not be 3D but amazing graphics amazing gameplay. I've completed the game and enjoyed a lot. (It's very cool)
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Review by GuestMay 19th 2018
It's very interesting and I love it so much
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Review by GuestDec 21st 2017
This is the best action platform game of my life. I like its graphics, and also the story.
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Review by GuestDec 9th 2017
This game Is Awesome But how come the warlock is stronger in the past?
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Review by GuestDec 8th 2017
It is awesome! I have really enjoy the overall feeling of the game.
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Review by GuestNov 11th 2017
This is a great game, with good story, lore, and several acheivments. I currently have no complaints with the game. The gameplay is also good and would entice those who enjoyed the classic platformer games.
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Review by GuestNov 8th 2017
Fun game, but not amazing. A decent way to pass time when bored. Recommend. But I really loved Swordigo!
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Review by GuestSep 19th 2017
It is the best game I have ever played and is very challenging.
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Review by GuestSep 7th 2017
New to the game but I love it. I normally don't care for game violence but this game is fun and it's very low on the violence scale.
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