Legend: Rising Empire

Legend: Rising Empire

Version: 1.5.12 | Users Interact

Legend: Rising Empire is the new RTS game from NetEase Games.

You are thrown into battle from the beginning of the game, but just remember to use the special power (lower left of the screen) to complete the first battle and score a victory.

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Getting Started

First of all you'll need to build a market, so tap the hammer icon in the bottom left of the screen to see your building options and select Market. Next a farm, you'll need to place this outside of the castle walls on 'fertile land'

After placing a couple more buildings you'll need to build the training ground and barracks. Again tap the hammer and look for these in the military section.

Joining An Alliance
It's never to soon to join an alliance and at the top of your game screen you should see an Alliance Chest, tap it and it will ask you to join an alliance to receive this alliance chest. The process is super simple and and can usually find an alliance to join right away. Look for one that speaks your language and tap the request to join button.

You can now go back and tap the alliance chest to receive the reward. These will be placed in your Satchel for use later.

Keep following the prologue of the game which will guide you through the construction of the rest of the basic buildings in the game.

Finding Bandits
These are found on the map by tapping the Favila icon in the bottom right, selecting the level you want to find them and tapping the search. Defeating higher level bandits brings higher rewards. But start slowly at level 1!

You will gain EXP potions after successful battles which can be used to increase the level of your Attendants.

Your First Production Line - Sawmill
In order to produce wood to be used in various constructions on the game you'll need to establish a production line. Start by placing a sawmill next to some pine trees. Next you will need a wood workshop. Placing that next to the sawmill is as good a place as any.

Level up your Castle
In order to build different types of buildings you need to level up the Castle, this will increase the level you can upgrade existing buildings too, as well as offering some news one to be build, depending on the level.

Tap the Castle to upgrade it, as long as you have enough resources.

Limestone Production - Quarry
Once you reach level 2, you will need to build a quarry. Select one of these from the building tab and place it next to some rocks close to your castle on the map. The brick workhsop then needs to be built, place it next to your quarry - It's not obligatory to place it there, but it may be handy to have all your limestone production in one place.

Move Market Close to Dwellings
If you do this it should boost silver coin production. Build extra dwellings closer to the market to maximize your bonus.

Quiz Questions

Get the quiz questions correct throughout the game to claim rewards.

A farm should be placed on which type of land?
Fertile Land

Which soldiers can be trained at a level 1 training ground?

Which weapon is required when training a level 1 archer?
Training Shortbow

What should you build when the population limit is not high enough?

How do you increase City prosperity?
Level up building construction

Best Attendants

There are 36 Attendants to choose from is Legend Rising Empire, all with different Attributes and Strengths. Each one is given a rarity status too which dictates how easy it will be for you to upgrade them; Legendary, Elite and Rare.

The Best Attendant for you at the beginning of the game will really be dictated by what materials you find in the game to upgrade them. At the beginning of the game it's really important that you have a strong attendant that will do well for you in battles against bandits on the map. So if you can, find one that is strong against them and focus your materials on upgrading them.

Having a strong attendant to fight the bandits is great because the higher the level of bandit you can defeat the better the rewards you will receive so you can upgrade further other attendants.

Shirley Canit
She is a legendary level attendant and offers big defensive bonuses for your City, you will need a good defender like her later in the game. An Epic level alternative would be Specter Knox who may be easier to upgrade due to his lesser degree of rarity (Epic)

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