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Traits are something that are unlocked towards the end of the normal levels, when you get the opportunity to fight the Dwarven King in the dungeons.

The Dwarven King will give you a ton of rewards when he is defeated but also give you special green gems which will help you to acquire traits.

Defeat the Dwarven King for Trait Gems
Defeat the Dwarven King for Trait Gems

Basically traits are powerful buffs which are applied to your hero.

All of the traits are graded from F (least powerful) to SS (most powerful)

Probability of Acquisition by Grade

SS 0.0756%
S 0.1890%
A 0.5197%
B 4.7246%
C 9.4491%
D 28.347%
E 37.7965%
F 18.8982%

Then basically, the traits are divided into the following categories as having influence over:


ASPD (Attacks per second)

Basic Attack Bonus


Companion Damage

Skill Damage

Gold Obtain

Critical Hit Chance

Critical Hit Damage

These Traits are then directly applied in your power menu on the main game screen, so the stats you are seeing on that battle screen are your current rates with all traits included.

Getting Traits

Once you have defeated the Dwarven King you'll be able to see your traits and reroll for them.


Basically, any traits that you want to keep, click on the lock icon on the right, this will just reroll the unlocked traits. The only downside is that the more traits that you lock, the higher the cost is in green gems for each reroll.

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