Legend of Slime: Idle RPG

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG

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Review by GuestOct 29th 2022
It's definitely an IDLE game, i.e. the program has to be running. It's NOT an AFK Game where you can set it up, close it, and the Server keeps it going, going back to it when you want to. It's repetitive but cute. If you don't have any other IDLE Games competing for you phone's background processes, then go for it. Just don't get caught up trying to Collect All Slimes, it'll definitely cost you real money. Everything else is earnable slowly thru a gacha system. However, you don't need to spend Money on the Gacha, so it's really nice. Play at Your Own Pace, whenever you want to Open the Game App and Just Set it in Background while you Work, Work Out, Do Errands, or just Watch Something Else.
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