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Grinding Guide

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Idle RPGs are all about the grind, sooner or later you'll reach a point in the game where you can't pass and you'll have to grind some more coins and materials in order to have the power to advance past the next level or boss.

Here are some ideas that will help you grind out some extra power in Legend of Slime.

1. Go Offline!
The welcome back bonus is usually really good
The welcome back bonus is usually really good

Okay I understand you have the game and you want to play it, but going offline for up to 12 hours will help you gain the resources you need to progress in the game, especially when you take the ad bonus offer. When you come back online, look for the chest towards the top left of the screen, this is your welcome back bonus and offer includes a heap of coins. Take the ad related bonus too if you don't mind watching an ad, because the resources you will get will be much more.

2. Check Daily Quests
This is a scroll over on the right of the game screen, this will tell you what you need to do in order to get more gems. With these gems you can then summon more weapons, armor or companions, making you stronger!

3. Watch the x2 Ad
There is an x2 Video button at the top of the screen, basically this means that you can watch an ad, and the game will move twice as fast. This should generally meant twice as fast gold collecting in the game for the duration of this boost, which is usually 15 minutes.

4. Hit the mines
If you have unlocked the mines, see if you have any pick axes to crack open more rocks in the mines, all sorts of goodies are down there, and if you get Ore you can then research to do great things like increase your attack! This is a great way to strengthen your character. Check out our Mining Guide for more details

5. Tap the Blue Book
Below the scroll on the main game page is a blue book, this is a record of your collection, look out for the opportunities to hit the enhance button here to grab some more rewards to help with the grinding process!

6. Spin the roulette wheel
Roulette can get some extra gems quite easily
Roulette can get some extra gems quite easily

The roulette wheel can be found on the main game screen and you can watch an ad to get a free spin, giving you a chance to win keys, gold coins or gems.

7. Look out for events
Links to events will appear on the main game screen so look out for different icons that may appear from time to time. Events are another great way to get free gems and other resources, but they usually only last for a limited time period.

8. Complete the Dungeons!
Complete some dungeon battles for extra gems, gold and forks
Complete some dungeon battles for extra gems, gold and forks

Look for the dungeon doorway icon in the middle bottom of the screen, this will link to various dungeon events such as Boss Rush, Gold Rush and Village Raid, you can use keys to enter or watch a video ad. Here you can grab a nice pile of gold coins, gems and items. Progress through the difficulty levels for better rewards.

9. Hit up the Blessing Icon!
Towards the top left of the screen you will see a set of three icons, which may be grayed out and inactive, tap them and you can see some blessings options. Basically they are things that will increase your power or gold collection temporarily, and may be just the boost that you need to progress to the next level. To activate these blessings, you usually need to watch an ad.

10. Look out the the Flying Chest
From time to time you will see a chest flying across the game screen, tap it and there will be a reward offer usually redeemable by watching a video ad. These generally give a decent boost to the gold coffers!

If you need more power in the game, check out our Companions Guide, for everything you need to know about these helpful creatures.

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