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Companions, or pets, are really useful in the game, and you can equip a load of these at the same time, depending on how far along the game you are. As soon as a new slot opens up to equip a companion you should take it. It's also advisable to check your companion collection to make sure you have equipped all of the most powerful companions that you have available to you.


Companions all have different stats, and you want to select the ones that have the best attack and highest ASPD. ASPD refers to attacks per second. An ASPD of 0.5 for example means the companion will only attack once every 2 seconds! Generally speaking, no matter what the level the companion is, the higher tier the color, the better it will be for you to equip. Then it is a matter of making sure that any companions you have of the same tier, you want to equip the ones that are the highest level.

The other thing to consider when selecting companions is what (if any) relics you have unlocked. Relics are unlocked after you have collected forks, which is when you complete a village raid from the dungeon battles.

Relics enhance Companions
Relics enhance Companions

With forks in hand, tap the slime icon in the bottom left of the screen, and you should now see that the Relic tab has been unlocked. Here you can see what relics you have unlocked and equipped. You can get more relics by completing more village raids.

The relics directely impact the ability of certain compansions. For example this one will assist a chicked companion to be more powerful. So even if his stats a bit shoddy, with the help of a relic, he may be signicficantly stronger!

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