Kingdom Boss
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Kingdom Boss

Version: 0.1.2742 | $7.99 - $24.99 per item

Are you ready to become the castle defender? Salvage your Kingdom from the dark souls rising up against you.
Welcome to Kingdom Boss! The most exciting and well designed action RPG game you’ll ever play.
Take command of mighty forces and restore the Empire to its former glory! Gather resources to strengthen your army of warriors! Build an invulnerable castle! Summon legendary Heroes to your banner and lead the king’s Empire to control all of Dominus!
Become the castle hero in This epic role playing game as you build your empire and rescue your subjects from the shadowlands of exiled kingdoms.
An evil Blight crawls across Dominus, corrupting the land and spawning Shrouded monstrosities. The King is missing, the military is in disarray. Someone must step forward to unify the factions, rebuild the king’s Empire, and command its army of warriors to victory!

Dominus needs a new ruler to champion the spirit of the people and restore that which was lost. Create an army of fearless warriors to defend your kingdom from the evil forces.
Gather resources and Construct new buildings and to grow your kingdom
- Boss Battle against the Shrouded to take back control of your strongholds.
- Enrich your Kingdom by collecting gold and precious resources.
- Craft armor, weapons, and fortifications for your hall of Heroes.
- Hack and slash fire dragons, battle against evil demons and defeat Minotaurs with your tactical combat skills!
- Raid the exiled kingdoms and reclaim the treasure chest from the vicious outcast syndicate.

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