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King of Thieves

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The newest game from the Cut the Rope and My Om Nom folks was bound to be a resounding success, but King of Thieves has the potential to top them all. The game combines the adorable graphics that Zeptolab is known for with the ability to be absolutely brutal to random strangers and that is a volatile combination.

The game is free to play, but offers some in-app purchases. The purchases give you plenty of Gems for your buck, making tossing a few dollars to the developers feel completely justified. The ads in game are an optional activity to earn neat stuff for free and they in no way detract from gameplay.

Gameplay is centered around breaking and entering. You have the option of breaking into dungeons for level progression, a little XP, and some gold or breaking into strangers' dungeons for faster XP earning and tons of gold. Be careful about how far your crime spree continues, however, because every player's dungeon keeps a record of who has plundered it and offers the option to exact your revenge.

The limiting resource in incessant pillaging is keys. Every level and online stranger's dungeon has multiple locks to keep folks like you out. Fortunately, you brought some keys. One of the locks will open with one of your keys and you get to use up your keys until you find out which one. You start off with 10 keys, which seems great for the first few levels, until, suddenly, every level has 12 possible locks. Your keys regenerate over time or (of course) can be purchased with Gems.

Besides the regular gameplay, the game comes with a side job of inserting gems into a totem to preform an undisclosed ritual. This ritual increases the value of your gems and earns you points in the online community as well as creates an ingredient that will later be used in fashioning a new little outfit for your tiny kleptomaniac. Rituals take time, usually an hour or so, but time can be purchased for Gems (surprised?). Gaining tons of totem points, wins you weekly prizes and your new fashions come with neat character effects.

The graphics and music are both adorable. The game actually has a nice little story to carry the game along and the dialogue from the NPCs is often hilarious. The story seems thought out and deliberate, which is a nice change of pace.

Overall, the game is really cute and has a ton of potential. If it were a paid app with fewer game mechanics designed solely for time-wasting/money-spending, I would have given it a hundred stars. But it isn't. The majority of the game's actual focus is on putting gems in a statue and buying pre-made traps to slow down invading thieves. The actual game levels are delightful, but the player is almost discouraged from playing them.

I also had a problem with my game completely reloading after a phone call, rendering the dungeon that I had just used all of my keys to open, once again locked. The first time wasn't too bad. The second time, however...

We gave it 4 stars for being a few small kinks away from an amazing game.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Mar 17th 2015

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