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Types of Traps and Proper Placement

Types of Traps and Proper Placement
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Saw- This vicious spinning blade is your very first trap and can be upgraded to create a bigger, better saw.

Advantages: It is an intimidating half of a pair of traps.
Disadvantages: It doesn't move and easy to jump over.
Placement: Saws are ideal to pair with other types of traps.

Spiky Red Guy- This guy flies around in a set pattern and his flight pattern can be set to your whim.

Advantages: Moves quickly and can be an effective path blocker.
Disadvantages: Spiky Guy flies around and that means he is an ineffective blocker by himself.
Placement: Keep him in an area where an invader will need to pass him as many times as possible in one run.

Cannon- A immoveable object of instant death.

Advantages: Repeat firing, which means it is a constant threat.
Disadvantages: Can be timed and avoided.
Placement: Put this guy in an area where a player must avoid it on several passes. Pairing him with another trap makes for spectacular defense.

Fly- This thing is a homing deathtrap.

Advantages: The advantages to this thing are 1) He hates everything moving 2) He absolutely will kill you in a wall slide 3) Sitting still makes you insta-dead.
Disadvantages: The fly is mildly affected by conflicting traps.
Placement: The best place for this guy is as close to the entrance as possible, so he is a menace for the entire run.

Seeing Cannon- This cannon knows you. He sees you. He wants to destroy you.

Advantages: Aims to the player's last location prior to shots fired.
Disadvantages: Jumping while the cannon shoots, messes up the pattern. Also shooting is intermittent.
Placement: Put this guy in an area that requires maneuvering around it, like a tight corner or by a series of platforms.

Blue Spiky Guy: A fast moving Spiky Guy who swoops in super fast circles

Advantages: Moves fast and wide.
Disadvantages: It's wide path makes it inefficient as a block.
Placement: The only place for this guy is in a long stretch.

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