King of Thieves

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
King of Thieves Guide

  • Don't preform rituals while your traps are upgrading. Your stuff will get stolen. Period.

  • The amount of stuff someone takes is dependent on how many stars they have when they make it to your treasure (see below). Those fancy outfits can give folks tons of health (300 as a matter of fact) so upgrading your traps is the only way to keep your stuff safe.

  • 3 stars - 1/3 total gold stolen
    2 stars - 1/6 total gold stolen
    1 star - 1/30 total gold stolen

  • If you need a higher chance of stealing gems try these costumes: Lucky Face, Wise Eye, Purple Splash and White Shadow

  • Adding Facebook friends will give you the option of recruiting them to steal back your precious Gems.

  • Your dungeon cannot be raided while you are online.

  • There is no option to choose who you raid. Sorry...

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