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Special Gadget Combos
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Special Gadget Combos

A more recent Introduction to the game was of gadgets these can be combo'ed for the corresponding effect.

Air Barrys + Ezy-Dodge Missiles = Air Dodger
Air Barrys + Gravity Belt = High Mobility
Air Barrys + X-Ray Specs = Futuristic Fashion
Coin Magnet + Flying Pig = Smash and Grab
Coin Magnet + Magnetic Tokens = Magnetic Personality
Flash + Flying Pig = Odd Couple
Flying Pig + Ezy-Dodge Missiles = Miss Piggy
Free Ride + Nerd Repellant= Disaster Averted
Free Ride + Turbo Boost = Speedy Steakfries
Gemology + Coin Magnet = Kaching
Gemology + Flash = Petty Cash
Gemology + Flying Pig = Glazed Ham
Insta-Ball + Flying Pig = Fantastic Contraptions
Insta-Ball + Freeze-O-Matic = Just a Little Further
Insta-Ball + Gravity Belt = Serious Bounce
Magnetic Tokens + Lucky Last = Great Odds
Missile Jammer + Dezapinator = Quality Control
Missile Jammer + Ezy-Dodge Missiles = Mild Missiles
Nerd Repellant + Flash = Not So Lonely
Nerd Repellant + X-Ray Specs = Nothing to see here
Token Gift + Free Ride = Instant Satisfaction
Token Gift + Magnetic Tokens = Spin Doctor
Token Gift + Lucky Last = Beat the House
X-Ray Specs + Free Ride = Transport Tycoon
X-Ray Specs + Lucky Last = Fortune Teller

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