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Jetpack Joyride - what a cool game, you should definitely download it if you like endless free running games. That's the bottom line, we could probably stop right here, but I don't think the Editor will be happy, so lets go through the game and explain why it is an essential download. However, after not much time playing it you could well be frustrated by how difficult it becomes.

When the game was first released it was available as a paid download, now however, as it has beena round a few years, the game is a free download, there are a few ads which appear now and again, but they definitely do not spoil the enjoyment of the game. There are in-app purchases available, but for this game, I can't see the point in making any. The in game coins are easy enough to collect and there is a one arm bandit system (you collect spin tokens while playing) to get extra coins and other prizes.

The game does look a little dated graphically in places, but remember, I'm reviewing this game in 2014, it's been out for years! However it does give the game a kind of retro feel within a modern environment.

During gameplay there is a cool snazzy tune which fits in well with the game, and therea re other sound effects too such as running feet which is a nice, often forgotten, touch.

You control your runner with just one finger, when you start you just have a jetpack, press to screen to go up and let go to go down. It only gets complicated when you get one of the in-game vehicles and the controls are unique for each one, but always with one finger.

As with other endless runners, the idea is that you amass as large a score as possible by running the furthest, however the game quickly gets very fast and will test the reflexes of the most hardened app game athlete. As is usual, there is a storm, called 'stash' in this game where you can purchase various upgrades, for example new clothes, upgrades to vehicles etc... You can spend real money on coins, but really, the game is just as fun without spending a dime.

I was going to drop 5 stars on this mother, but the overly quick step in difficulty means this one gets 4.5 out 5 from me. It's still an essential download though, and if you've not played it already what are you waiting for! Also, as a footnote, this game is note suitable for the very young as there are guns involved in the game and it looks like people are being shot.

If you think a few hints and tips could you you in this game and want to get a handle on gadgets and combos, then check out our guide here: Jetpack Joyride Guide on
4.5 / 5.0
review by Rich | Apr 25th 2014

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Review by movingplantSep 6th 2019
Fun and simple arcade game, with lots of achievements to unlock for a long time of fun.
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