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Playing The Game
Jetpack Joyride Guide

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The object of the game, as with most endless runners, is to run as far as you can! Simple - so that is why this guide will be relatively short!

You control your character with one finger, pressing the screen to lift your character higher via his jetpack, and not pressing will lower your character back down to the floor.

However, the controls do change when you pick up one of the many vehicles in the game, we'll explain these vehicles and the controls for them below.

Vehicle Controls

The good thing about picking up one of these vehicles is in essence it gives you one extra life, if you hit anything which would normally kill you, the vehicle will take the hit and you can carry on running.

Lil Stomper
This is a pretty strong tank-like vehicle, great for collecting a lot stuff.
Controlled by tapping, tap and hold for a higher jump, hold your finger down after the jump to activate thrusters to control your descent.

lil stomper
lil stomper

Profit Bird
Tapping the screen will flap the bird's wings to move it up the air, stop tapping to fall back down

Gravity Suit
You may be familiar with this from the game Gravity Guy.
Tap and jump to the top or bottom of the screen, reversing your gravity.

Crazy Freaky Teleporter
Probably the most useful for increasing the length of your run, as long as the teleporter doesn't mash you into something, which happens from time to time.
Tap to teleport according to where the purple indicator is displaying.

Mr. Cuddles
Here is the reverse to normal controls, if you tap you'll go down. Stop tapping to go up.

Mr Cuddles
Mr Cuddles

Bad as Hog
This fella is from the game Monster Dash, to control it, tap to jump. Hold down the jump for higher jumps.

SAM - Strong Arm Machine
This is the most powerful vehicle in the game and can take multiple hits. Basically it can be unlocked once per day by collecting the three letter pieces, S, A and M. Then you get to drive the Strong Arm Machine, you control the arm, making it move up and down by pressing the screen, use it to block missiles and such.

As you play through the game you collect coins and spin tokens, we'll deal with these in the next section: Collectibles and Final Spin

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