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These are the standard collectible in the game, amass a heap of these an exchange them for goodies in the stash, which you can use in the game.

Spin Tokens
These also appear in the game and can be redeemed via the slot machine at the end of the game, alternatively they can be swapped for coins.

This takes us nicely to the final spin...

Final Spin

Have you have collected spin tokens during your gameplay and you die, then you get to utilise these tokens in the slot machine, or exchange for 50 coins each.

Here are the things you can win with your spin token.

COINS: You can with stacks of various sizes

DOUBLE COINS: If you get this then all the coins that you collect during your next play are doubled.

HEAD START: Jump forward 750m into the game from the start of your next game.

3X Tokens: You'll get three times as many spins with this win.

HEART: Get this and your back in the game, you'll respwn right where you left off.

ATOM BLAST: With this, after you die a huge bomb will fall on you and you'll be blasted a huge distance forward.

BOMB BLAST: Like the atom bomb, just not as big.

DYNAMITE BLAST: Like the bomb blast, just won't take you as far.

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