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Tips and Hints

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1. Farm Gems

Every party member reaching level 30 will fetch you a handsome reward of 10 gems. And the good part is, you don’t even have to play these characters to level them. The 3rd and the 4th members of you party are supposedly reserved units if any of the first two units die while in battle. Regardless if they fight or not, they will still accumulate the same experience. Keep in mind to put only 1-star level party members on the 3rd and 4th slot if you wish to only farm gems out of them. The reason for this is that 1-star level characters tend to gain higher experience and level much easily. Also, you don’t have to bother putting any gears on them. After reaching level 30, use them as sacrifice, dismantle or sell.

2. Bank-in 100 gems for Energy Bar upgrade

After successfully farming gems out of your 1-star level mates, be easy on the gems. Try to pull- off saving 100 gems as early as you could on the game. Complete the daily quests, Make sure to play daily, and continue farming and you’ll land with 100 gems without having to purchase them in no time. Use these 100 gems to upgrade you Energy Bar Gauge to 20 points. So when you’re away from the game, it could accumulate to make twice the energy points as before. More energy points = More battles!

3. Save up on Gold

Gold is probably the most important resource in the game. The game might introduce you to a handsome gold reward from the start, but you’ll notice later on that it will be a struggle to cope up with your needs, together with your gold supply, as you progress. So, spend wisely! Don’t bother upgrading units/equipments that are lower than 4-stars. Instead, concentrate on upgrading your hero. Don’t bother fusing low star levels too for it will also cost you Gold. You have the option to use them for farming gems, just sell them, or dismantle.

4. Farming Gold

It is best to farm Gold on stages that actually show a gold coin icon beside it. Make sure that your team can easily pass this level and do re-runs. Remember that each failure costs you two energy points. Another way is to actively participate in Hero Battles. Five daily opponents in the PvP rewards you with chests of gold. And lastly, there is a daily reward of 5000 gold for playing.

5. Defeat Deadly Boss

Having a deadly boss encounter is rare, so grab the opportunity when it comes. Defeating the Boss in this special stage will reward you with a “Chest of Empire” that houses random 6-star equipment or an elite unit on it.

6. Monster’s Difficulty level

Monsters are categorized by the specific color they emit to show its difficulty level. Here are some notes.

Yellow = Average
Orange = Above Average
Crimson = Hard
Red = Extremely Hard

7. Kill time

Participating in Hero Battles does not require energy points to enter. So if ever you run out of energy points during your dungeon-runs, try to kill time by engaging in Hero Battles and earning prizes along the way.

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