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Breakaway from Doom in Into the Dead

In every doomsday scenario--whether it be an alien invasion, an epidemic, or the ever poplular zombie outbreak, it is the thrill of the chase that makes the concept of such a collapse somehow exciting.

In the endless runner game, Into the Dead by Pikpok Games, players are given the frontrow seat to one of the most exhilirating aspects of survival--the chase. Drafted in full 3D (with an amazing soundtrack and background music), players take on the role of an unassuming plane crash survivor who is thrown in a field swarming with hungry flesh-eating zombies. To survive, players must manage to outlast the whole flock of zombies by evading them or perhaps--a crowd favorite--shooting them in the head or ripping them into two with a brutal chainsaw.

In order to swift through the horde of zombies, players won't have to break much of a sweat as navigation is simple and easy. Depending on the controls you select, you may move left and right by either tilting the device, swiping left and right, and even by tapping the left and right side of the screen. There are times, however, that running and moving away from zombies may not be enough and a little fire power may be needed. Though in the middle of an open field filled with zombies,players are given the chance to fight back by making crates of weapons randomly available along the way. to pick them up players will just have to walk towards the crate of weapons to equip them--(keeping in mind, of course, to avoid the zombies).

The use of weapons are short-lived (chainsaws only have a few runs until its gas runs out and guns only have a few shots to fire) and to replenish the ammunition, players will just have to walk towards supply crates scattered on the field.

To maximize each run, players may choose from a row of "Perks" available -- like beginning the run with a weapon, having a dog as a companion, beginning the race with a 1500m boost, and even. Picking one "Perk" comes with a price tag ogf 100 gold coins.

To further increase your shooting power, players will have to purchase additional weapon sets through in-app purchases. Aside from the "Perks" and weapon upgrades available for purchase, players may also select to buy a different pack of zombies.

Advancing in the game may be pretty challenging at first since getting familiar with the controls is crucial. Despite the difficulty, players won't feel lost as rhe game offers mission Sets to guide playera with simple objectives to proceed to the next level.

A zombie outbreak's novelty to the fans is the assumption of having the chance to beat the zombies to a pulp or obliterate them with different weapons. With the game, Into the Dead,  one of the biggest drawback would be the game's somewhat aggressive push, or requirement to power-up, for in-app purchases. Another limiting factor to the gameplay would be the controls as they continue to be hard to master.
4.3 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Nov 19th 2015

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