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Wings in the game are not just for aesthetic purposes. They can actually help increase your character’s stats while looking cool and intimidating. In our Wings Guide, we will quickly discuss how to manage your character’s wings and improve them.

Immortal Awakening is an AFK action-RPG from Neocraft Limited where you can just sit back, relax, and watch the game do all the work for you. You can pick your starting character, accept quests, and progress through various tasks at the tap of a button. The game also has auto-pathfinding and auto-battle so you just need to manage your character’s equipment, level, and more.

The Wings screen can be accessed by tapping your avatar in the top-left corner then selecting the Wings menu in the lower-left corner. From there, you’ll see four options, which we will go through below.


If you have multiple wings, this is where you can actively change them in this screen. If you tap the Advanced button in the bottom right, you’ll be able to access two additional options below.

Wings Guide

Combine and Rank-up

In this screen, you can combine several Feather of Gods to combine them into a single, random wing. After creation, 2-4 random stats will be generated. You can get Feather of Gods from the Hero’s Store, Lucky Store, Daily Sign-in rewards, Guild Boss rewards, Cauldron of Conflict rewards, or buy them outright for 30 topaz each (you can only purchase a limited amount daily)

Wings Guide

If you have multiple wings that you don’t use because they’re copies or weak, you can also combine wings of the same rank for a chance to get a random, higher-ranked wing. You have to choose which is the main wing and two wings that will be consumed. At the end of the process, the new wing will also have 2-4 random stats generated.

Wings Guide

=== Upgrade and Star Up===This option allows you to use consumable level-up items (that are also feathers) to increase the level of your wing and improve its stats. If you’re leveling up other wings, you can just tap the wing icon in the middle to switch to another wing to upgrade. You collect level-up wings from the Sealed Tower, Lucky Store, Daily Sign-in reward, Daily Pack, or purchase them with topaz in limited amounts daily.

Wings Guide

Once you’ve reached the max level allowed for the wing’s star level (number of stars), you’ll have to go through the Star-up process. You have to use another item called Light of Heaven to increase the wing’s star level and break the level limit, allowing you to level it up even further.

Wings Guide


Similar to the Mount screen, you can select which wing will appear on your character, even if you’re using a different wing. This allows you to select a different appearance for your wing without sacrificing its high stats. In the same screen, you can also set a Main wing which will provide you 100% of its stats as bonus stats. You can also set up to 10 sub wings, each will provide 20% of their stats to your character as bonus.

Wings Guide


This process allows you to “feed” one wing to another, transferring the XP of the original wings to the target wings. After the process, the target Wings will inherit the highest rank and star-level the original Wings had to offer. The random stats of wings can’t be transferred to the Target wings using this process.

Wings Guide

That concludes our Wings Guide in Immortal Awakening. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Immortal Awakening content!

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