Idle Wizard School - Wizards Assemble

Idle Wizard School - Wizards Assemble

Idle Wizard School - Wizards Assemble

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Idle Wizard School is an incremental idle clicker features classic idle gameplay set in a Wizard School.

Expand, automate and boost school construction with magic coins! Keep an eye out for the ingredients that can brew potions and aid your journey. As you step outside and explore the magic world, the map will reveal details of school, such as dormitories, magic alley and classrooms.

Idle Wizard School Cheats and Tips

Idle Wizard Tycoon is an idle clicker, very similar to Idle Theme Park Tycoon .

The idea is that you unlock classes, and upgrade the school to try to unlock higher earning schools and in turn earn more money in the game.

We've put together a collection of Idle Wizard School tips to help you start unlocking more schools in the game quickly.

1) Click the Dragon
The dragon appears frequently just outside of the doors to the main school building. The dragon will give coin or gem rewards.

2) Upgrade Everything
Don't just stick to one classroom. Remember to try to keep going through and upgrade all the different elements in the game, including the dormitory and train.

3) Follow the Quests
Tap the exclamation mark (!) icon in the top right of the game to find out your current quest, follow these quests for extra gems in the game and to kind of guide you as to what you should be doing to make progress.

4) Upgrade all class elements
Upgrade all class elements
Upgrade all class elements

Don't just upgrade the class, add teachers, and upgrade the salary too.

5) Look out for offers
There are many chances in the game to get a boost, but you'll need to watch ads though. Things like double speed over a set period of time can be useful.

6) Unlock new Schools
Unlock New Schools
Unlock New Schools

Reach the money goals to unlock a new school, and open it as soon as you can to start over. You'll start earning money much more quickly though and literally in minutes, even with starting over you could start to exceed to earnings of the old school.

7) Welcome Back
Usually when you return to the game you get an offer to watch an ad in exchange to double the amount you earned in the school while you were offline. Usually it is a good deal to take.

Hopefully these Idle Wizard School tips help in some way to improve your gaming experience. If you like this game, you may interested also in Idle Theme Park Tycoon .
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