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Idle Master 3D game is similar to the many other idle games available that challenge you to collect heroes and work to improve them over time.

The game has a lot of features and activities to keep on top of. Below is our list of tips to guide you to get the best of playing.

Log in regularly to collect your rewards
As an idle game you will be generating resources and loot while offline but this is limited so to make the most of this process you will need to log in to collect the goodies and manage the activities you are doing to make sure you get the items you need.

You will also have the option to collect 'Online awards', that appear over tie while you are in the game. Check the top left of the main screen for these.

Complete the daily missions
The daily missions in the 7 day goal will let you earn many useful rewards including heroes, summon keys and more. They will not always be easy to complete but the more you can do the faster you will be able to progress.

Save your diamonds for advanced summons
AS well as earning keys you can also perform advanced hero summons with diamonds. But it is best to save up and wait until you have enough for the 10 times option. This will be cheaper for you and for 10 summons you will be guaranteed a 5 star hero.

Complete the Lord Quest
As part of your hero team there is a special purple square for your Lord. The Load will provide many advantages to your team. Once you reach level 1-10 you can start on unlocking a Lord and you should focus on this to help your team be as strong as possible early on.

Focus on your top heroes
As you collect more heroes remember to only invest resources in leveling up the best heroes, the ones that are part of your main team.

Ideally you will need to collect high star heroes with some variety but you should find that you will not need the 1,2 and even 3 star heroes after only a few hours of game play. Unless you need the lower level heroes to be stronger only focus on upgrading and equipping your 4 and hopefully 5 star heroes.

Bind your game
Binding your game to your OS account or facebook will back up your progress to keep it safe in case you need to move to a new device or reinstall the app. You will also earn 200 Diamonds.

Join a guild
Being part of an active guide is another way to gain benefits as well as meet friends. The strong er the guild the better you can do. Guild wars will let you earn rewards and the guide tech tree will help to boost your hero stats.

Craft better equipment in the blacksmith
As you progress you will collect equipment and resources that can be used to make better items in the blacksmith. The gear that you make will help your heroes in battle. Remember to always check out the options so you can craft the best equipment you can.

Keep an eye on the events and shops
If you are looking for bargains and even free stuff remember to check the cool events, shops and other regular offers to see what is available. There are often cheap offers for heroes and and free items to collect

We hope these tips and guides will help you enjoy playing Idle Master 3D. If you have any questions about the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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