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Hunt Royale is a simple game to play but can be very hard to play well and succeed. The game play is simple with a similar mechanic to game like Archero, where you move to avoid attacks and fire on the enemies when you are stationary. The main game mode pits you and some co-op buddies against every increasing waves of monsters in an arena style match up. Although there are other modes included.

Hints and Tips

Understand your Hunters
As you play you will unlock and be able to upgrade a range of hero characters called hunters. Each will have its own attack style and uses as well as being able to unlock skills. Its a good idea to try each hunter and find out the best use for them or if you enjoy using them at all. and Determine which ones you want to focus on upgrading.

Know the Enemy
During the hunts you will face a range of enemies in different biomes that will gradually increase in difficulty and complexity of attacks. Getting used to the attack styles and knowing which ones you can comfortably attack and which ones you need to be wary of will help you survive longer. You chosen hunter will affect how well you can attack or flee from different monters.

There are several modes to try out in the game and each will have differnt goals to achieve. In each case you will be with other players and maybe helping each other or in competition with them. The modes are :
Hunt - Kill monsters and try to score more points that the other players
Co-Op - Survive as a team and protect the king as you face endless waves of monsters.
Bounty Hunter - Every hunter for themselves as you take on the other players.
Boss Hunt - More monster hunting with a final boss to defeat.

As you level up in each game you will be able to select random skill to boost your hunter. Some will be more useful to you than others and this can depend on your hunter. The attack and range skills will be good for general attack, and HP boosts will hep a lot. If you are lucky to get an Extra EXP skill go for that as will let you reach higher levels quicker and get even more skills.

Keep an eye on your tasks list for the daily and weekly tasks that the game will assign for you. Completing these is a good way to earn gems and rewards to let you quickly upgrade your hunters.
There will also be occasional events to take part in for more useful rewards.

Gold is earned easily in the game but the upgrades that you will spend it on will become increasingly expensive. You will want to consider carefully what you spend it on. Consider saving your gold until you have a few hunters to try out and are able to pick you best to invest in.

Combat Tips
During the general combat game play you will need to practice to get used to navigating the biomes and dealing with the monsters. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Remember to keep moving. although you cannot attack while moving you will not last long if you stay still. Move out of immediate range, or away from incoming attacks and then strike. The move again. The enemy will always be homing in on you.

The arena is full of obstacles and in some cases bottle necks. use these to your advantage to take cover, bunch up enemies or escape. Do not get caught though in the tighter spots with enemies on both sides as you will quickly end up dead.

Watch the enemies and try to avoid taking on too many ranged enemies at once. Long range attacks from multiple locations can be hard to avoid. Take a moment to escape and move so you can face one at a time.

Remember your quickest path back to the Healing spot and use it. Do not wait until you are on your last HP to head back to heal as there may be monsters waiting there for you.

This is a fun game and it is quick and easy to play a few rounds for practice and grabbing those rewards. We hope this list of tips has helped. If yo have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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