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House Life 3D is a collection of casual mini games based around typical things you may do around the house such as getting a hair cut, playing darts, throwing the trash. There are so many different games that can be played and the game will surely keep you wondering which game will be next. We've put together a few House Life 3D tips below.

House Life 3D Tips

How to Skip Ads
There are a lot of ads in the game, you can skip the ones that are not connected to rewards if you just look out for the fast forward arrows which appear in the top left or top right of the screen after a few seconds of the ad starting.
Lots of Different Mini Games
Lots of Different Mini Games

How to Play the Mini Games
There are so many mini games it's hard to put together a tips sheet for all of them. So we'll try to say a few things which help generally.

- Look for clues as to what to do
There are no instructions, so you'll have to look at the visual indicators in the game to guide you. For example a pointy finger, or a target

- Skip the Game with an ad
If you're still stuck and can't figure our what to do, you can use the skip game option and watch a video, you'll find that link in the top right of the game screen.

Apart from playing the mini games, there does not seem anything else to do. There does not seem to be any cash to collect or things to spend money on in the game. Although because of the high number of ads in the game, we did restrict our playing time.

If we've missed anything, please drop us a comment below, or if you need any help with anything in House Life 3D head over to our questions page for the game.
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Pass some time with this collection of mini games
Pass some time with this collection of mini games
House Life 3D is a collection of simple mini games, all are really intuitive and part of the fun is figuring out what to do. The game is free to download and play, although ..Read full review
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