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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Cheats and Tips

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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is an idle tapper based on fishing. You take your boat out onto the seas to catch fish by tapping and swiping. Upgrade stuff to earn more money... Simple! Or is it... Read on for our Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon cheats and tips for beginners starting out in this fun fishing game.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Cheats and Tips

Add to Your Crew Whenever You Can
To get more crew members and to increase their level, you'll need gems, this is the premium currency in Fisher Tycoon, so you can either purchase them or complete achievements in the game to get free gems.

How to Get Free Gems
The game can be quite generous with gems, and while you can purchase them in the shop, getting some free gems in Fisher Tycoon is not too hard.

You'll get gems sometimes in the daily log in bonus, you can also get free gems by completing achievements in the game, look out for the icons on the right of the screen some of which are associated with getting free gems.

Sometimes you also get an offer to watch a video ad in exchange for free gems, this is also a good way to get gems for free in Fisher Tycoon.

Look out for treasure cheats that are floating in the water, these are also sometimes associated with getting free gems.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade
As soon as you have the money, upgrade whatever you can. Initially this will mean upgrading your rod and breadcrumbs to attract more fish and to make the fish you catch work more. This will allow you to get more money quickly so you can get to the boat upgrades.

Spin the Wheel
Look out for the anchor icon in the bottom right, this will take you to the Spin the Wheel game, where you can get all sorts of bonuses in exchange for watching an ad. It's also a great way to get more EXP to get your next perk point.

Go to Deeper Waters
When you reach your first $1000, you'll get the option to move to deeper waters, take that opportunity as it means you'll start to catch higher value fish

Look out for Schools of Fish
A school of fish is a group of fish that appear from time to time, this is a great opportunity to catch loads of fish really quickly by swiping your finger across the whole school.

That's basically it, keep upgrading, keeping unlocking more crew and you'll be on your way to making millions in this game in no time at all.

Return to Shallow Waters
Look out for the compass looking icon in the bottom left of the screen, this will be available some time after you go to deeper waters, and is basically a game reset but with better initial conditions. This is a normal feature of idle tapper type games, and is the best way to get more money fast, even though you are effectively starting over.
Return to Shallow Waters for an improved multiplier
Return to Shallow Waters for an improved multiplier

Because your multipliers will be higher to begin with. In no time at all you will reach the level you were previously, but with much better scope to earn more quickly.

So whenever you see a note on the bottom left compass type icon, tap and and return to shallow waters. You'll keep your crew, gems and perks but lose pretty much everything else., but it's worth it.

Connect to Facebook
Connect your game to your FaceBook account for a crew bonus.
Connect to FaceBook
Connect to FaceBook

What are Perks

There is a thing in the game call perks, this is basically a permanent stat boost. You can check out the perks menu by tapping the icon in the top left of the screen, looks a bit like a crown.
Unlock Perks for some great buffs
Unlock Perks for some great buffs

You earn points to use on perks when you purchase packs in the shop and when you gain experience in the game. So these are very much a premium feature, even though free to play gamers can still get some perk points too, albeit a little slowly.
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