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Hey Girl! is listed as a puzzle game, I'm not too sure if that is the right category. You play the role of a gamer who is basically looking for a girl he can eventually marry. The problem is this particular gamer has spent way too much time playing games and does not have the faintest idea how to interact with the opposite sex let alone pick them up. Your objective is to help him out and choose the reply to the girl of his dreams questions. If you get a favourable reaction from the girl after a series of these questions you get to advance to the next level.

The game itself is fun and in some instances has a humourous outcome. The cartoon graphics and bright colours match the tone of the game. Some of the pickup lines used in the game will just dumbfound you and make you laugh. The game has one major downside and that is the adverts that appear almost continuously and basically ruin the whole experience.

Hey Girl Cheats and Tips

Have a Laugh
You should have no problems navigating through this game if you use common sense. If however you are like me and like a laugh you will have more fun picking the obviously wrong answers to see the humorous response you get from the girl you are trying to pick up.

Turn off the Music
After about the first five minutes the background music will seriously get on your nerves so unless you want to be driven insane it is probably in your best interests to switch if off and play the game without any sound. Having no sound will not disadvantage you whatsoever as you will be reading the options that appear on screen. In fact switching the music off will do you a favour as it will allow you to think straight.

Spin the Wheel
Spin the Wheel whenever it is available to get yourself some bonus cash and diamonds so you can pick up some swanky new gear at the shop to impress the girls. If you can't get enough cash for the outfit you want you can always go to the in-app shop and spend some real money to get gems and cash to get that coveted outfit quicker. Cash and gems can also be spent on furniture for your room and stories.

Unlock Stories
If you do not want to spend your cash on flash clothes or new furniture to spruce up your love den you can always use it to unlock the feature called 'stories'. The first two stories in Hey Girl! are free but subsequent stories you will have to pay for using your the cash or diamonds you have earned. Be careful when playing the stories as one wrong answer will result in an immediate 'game over'.

Adverts are a Nightmare
As mentioned before the biggest problem this game has is the constant bombardment of adverts that literally make the game unplayable. However, if you think the game has potential you may want to consider visiting the in-app shop and purchasing one of the premium packs which will contain amongst other goodies will a guarantee that you will not get any advertisements.

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