Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Magical Boosters and Power-ups

Magical Boosters and Power-ups
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Guide

During each level of Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells you can make and use special magical boosters to help you clear hazards and pieces and complete the puzzles. There are 4 that you can make, here is how to make them and what they do.


Severing Surge
You create these by matching 4 pieces of the same color in a row. This will clear the pieces and generate the 'surge'. Activating the serge by tapping it or swapping with another piece (depending on where you want it to go off) will then clear all the pieces in with the horizontal row or vertical column depending on the direction the surge is in,

If you make the 4 piece match horizontally then the surge will be a horizontal one and likewise if your match is vertical then the surge will also be vertical.

Winged Key
Match 4 pieces in a square shape to make a key. When activated this useful item will fly to a target item on the board to clear it. It will always fly to a location to clear or activate one of the objectives of the level.

Bombastic Bomb
Move 5 pieces of the same color into an L or T shape on the board to clear them and make the bombastic bomb. Activate it by tapping or swapping with another piece (depending on where you want it to go off) and it will explode clearing the pieces around it.

Charmed Bag
Matching 5 pieces of the same color in a line to make a Charmed bag. The bag can then be used by swapping with a piece of any color to immediately clear all pieces of that color on the board.

Booster Combos

The boosters above can get even move powerful by combining them during play. To do this you need to have them next to each other on the board and swap them with each other to activate them both.

Surge + Surge
This will clear both the row and column at the same time.

Surge + Bomb
This will clear 2 rows horizontally and 3 columns vertically.

Winged Key + Winged Key
This will give you 3 winged keys at which will each fly and activate/clear an important piece.

Bomb + Bomb
Creates a much larger explosion to clear an area of the board.

Key + Bomb
The key will carry the bomb to the useful location and it will detonate there.

Key + Surge
The key will carry the Surge to the useful location and it will activate there.

Charmed Bag + Bomb or Key or Surge
This will generate more of the extra powers ups on the board for you to use. Eg Charmed Bag + Surge will make many surge items appear on the board.

Charmed Bag + Charmed Bag
This final combo is the most useful although hard to get. Combining 2 Charmed bags will clear / activate all pieces on the board. Look for opportunities to get these and make completing the level easy.
Magical Boosters and Power-ups


In addition to the boosters above there are also 4 power ups that you can activate during games although these need to be earned as rewards or bought with the gold coins that you earn while playing. The game will initially give you a few of each to use for free.

Using these can be a big help to completing the level and do not cost you one of the moves you have.They appear at the bottom of the screen with a number letting you know how many you have available, or a + button to let you buy more.

Magic Strike
Select this and tap and single piece to remove or activate it.

Severing Surge
As above, tap this and select any piece to clear / activate all pieces in that row.

Destructive Surge
As above, tap this and select any piece to clear / activate all pieces in that column.

Use this to clear all the pieces of the same color.

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