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Magical Matching

Magical Matching

Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells is a new match 3 puzzle style game that has been designed around the Harry Potter movies and offers many magical twists to the game play.

At a base level this is another match 3 game but if you enjoy those then it is certainly a good experience and offers a lot of variation in the objectives and the hazards you need to overcome.

If you are also a fan of Harry Potter then this is full of scenes, events, spells, items an characters fro the books and films.

This is a matching puzzle game worth checking out and with the theme, the social clubs and the options to create you character and learn and use spells it is one that can keep you entertaining and engaged for a very long time.

We would recommend trying this to all puzzle game players, Especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter.

4.6 / 5.0
Review by AppGamer | Oct 6th 2020

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Review by GuestOct 23rd 2023

I love it! I'm in 667 puzzle and it is kinda hard 665 was one of the hardest puzzle I've had. I would add for EVERYBODY is if you don't get a puzzle on the 1st try you can watch a video for 3 moves I miss that if you could please add that back id appreciate it so much.

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Review by GuestMay 14th 2023

I enjed playing the game every day but the team leader thought he was supreme commander and wanted us all to attain 500 trophies a week or be booted out! Who gave him the power to do that? It's just a very enjoyable game, not an Olympic event!!!

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Review by GuestFeb 7th 2023

Brilliant immersive game that consumes time

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Review by GuestJan 22nd 2023

Love the game. Hate all the glitches. Wish we were able to change the name of our club and also have two club leaders and that support wasn’t so patronizing with their answers.

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Review by GuestMay 12th 2022

Very fun & engaging. Lots of different things to do keeps play interesting yet intellectual. Been playing every day for 18 months without purchasing anything & love it. Winning seems to go in streaks, so the hard days are frustrating but eventually loosen up. Beautiful & fun. Get into an active club that's not too pushy.

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Review by GuestMar 6th 2022

I was at 1500 games I cleared my cache on one game and it cleared all my games to the start the trophy wins are 2 trophys for first win so you constantly have to email them to fix the bugs but the game is so addictive you play anyway.

Can get off a team you made there's no button for it so then you have to join a team team cause you cant make one I'm just made they wont fix my trophys cause I started over 3 hrs ago and I'm at 70 games all the wrong trophies instead of 6×70 its 2 x 70

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Review by GuestJan 8th 2022

One of the BEST games going. The puzzles are a challenge, but doable...eventually. A+, 11 out of 10 stars.

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Review by GuestNov 10th 2021

I have been playing for a year. Currently on Level 55 and it looks like my club is joining the Champions Arena. There's always a new challenge so it never gets old. Plus I love the graphics.

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Review by GuestMay 19th 2021

I love this game. I have spent money advancing levels, and also tried without spending any. This game is colourful and addictive. Team members have the option to chat, so it's more interactive with real people. Fun.

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Review by Kalyn40Apr 27th 2021

This game is addicting whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not!!!

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Review by GuestApr 24th 2021

Fun for hours if you use all the ways to gather trophies and money and bonuses.

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Review by GuestApr 6th 2021

I've been playing this game for about six months now and I love it. I have lots of fun and my mind is challenged frequently. It's fun for all ages.

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Review by GuestMar 11th 2021

Compelling game, beautifully designed, well paced and suitable for all ages. You don’t need to know the Harry Potter books/films to play, but if you do you will find it is a fabulous representation of Harry’s journey and you will recognise all the characters and spells. There is a vast, very fast growing global community of teams and leagues where you can chat (not compulsory) and exchange lives for free. Your avatar is highly customisable and can be changed any time. Currently you can play completely Ad free if you don’t choose to watch any for additional Trophies. This is a top notch game.

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Review by GuestJan 17th 2021

It is ok. Why they give so little in the way of rewards and bony is unknown because if you buy stuff it is pretty expensive.

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Review by GuestNov 23rd 2020

Great game --- a few of the puzzles are really difficult with no hints on how to solve --- but somehow you eventually get there...

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Review by GuestNov 3rd 2020

I love this game. I just wish there was a detailed tutorial on how the puzzles are played.

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Review by GuestOct 30th 2020

Good game but can be frustrating and some puzzles are hard to solve

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Review by GuestOct 28th 2020

Wonderful, it is a match three game with a competitive and co-operative element. Interact with other players with a common interest and participate in the daily club puzzle, and other events (so far these have been led by the Malfoys). There are 'classes' you can take (Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions) on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (two 'lives', which take hours to refill so do begin the classes early). The puzzles follow the story of Harry Potter (key scenes in the films). In-puzzle challenges include defeating chocolate frogs (which anticipate your next move, e.g. if you have a power up they will likely cover it) and trolls, filling the playing area with butter bear, hatching Norbet and freeing acromantula. An enjoyable and addictive game.

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Review by GuestOct 23rd 2020

Awesome Lots of challenges And skill plus fun

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