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Guitar Girl is a cute idle tapper where you take on the role of a promising guitarist finding their way in the world of social media likes and fans.

We take a look at the game, and bring you some tips to how to get going in the game, what to look out for, how to get more chocolates, and the things you need to do get going faster in Guitar Girl from Neowiz.

Guitar Girl Cheats and Tips

Guitar Girl falls in the genre of idle tappers, so generally there are no tap in cheat codes with this kind of game, sometimes there may be redeem codes on offer for Guitar Girl, but generally these redeem codes would be released on the social media sites associated with the game: Guitar Girl Official Facebook

The idea of the game, is that you tap the screen in order to collect more links and followers, and in turn unlock more features in the game.

There are loads of different outfits, guitars and items to collect to decorate your room.

Lots of Guitars to be Unlocks as well as other things

Look out for the bonuses that give you double likes for a period of time, and things like that.

Check out the events where you can get a lot of free stuff. At the moment there is a login event, where you can login for 7 days and each day get a different reward. From time to time other events occur, these will be listed on the right of the game screen and labeled as such.
Daily Login Gifts

Also, remember to check your in-game mail, you can do this by tapping the green '...' icon at the top of the screen.
Free Rewards are Sometimes in the Mail

The yellow trophy icon at the top of the screen will list both the daily mission and achievements. Complete these for free chocolate, which, along with sweets, is the in-game premium currency, like gems in other games. You can also get increased likes per tap and all likes on a higher multiple, so check out the list, and see what you need to do to get these bonuses.
Daily Missions and Achievements

At the bottom of the screen you'll see the different sections, Guitar Girl, Follower, Music, Dress etc... When you see a red dot on one of these, it means you have an available interaction there, such a free gift, or something that you can unlock.

For premium players that want to make real purchases then you can purchases items such as the Star Ticket, this will unlock some extra stuff in the game, and increase the rate at which you acquire star points and be able to enter the star lounge.

Guitar Girl is pretty simple to play, and as it says in the game's title, it's very relaxing. Enjoy the game, and see what great things you can unlock as you level up. Remember to look out for things that give you more likes and fans and good luck.

Feel free to drop us a question, for other players to answer here: Guitar Girl Answers
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This is a super cute game. It would be nice if we knew what Guitar Girl's actual name was but that's not a big deal. The conversations kind of in a way help a person who has a lot of contact anxiety see how conversations might work out too since you have friends in the app that will always care about ..
4.7 / 5.0

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