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Grindstone is a puzzle type matching game with a lot of tactical elements. It is one of the launch titles exclusively available on Apple Arcade.

The idea of the game is that you control Jorj through each level trying to crush the enemies by finding paths through matching monsters. Not only that, after you meet the objective of each level you've still got to make it out alive!

It's an incredibly well made game and lots of fun.

Grindstone Cheats and Tips

The concept is simple, but the gameplay gets increasingly more difficult as you get further into the game. Don't forget that not only must you meet the kill number objective you must also find an escape route back to the door.

Make the kill chains as long as you can, but watch out for enemies that may attack you at the end, the longer the kill chain, the better the possible rewards that appear. Get a chain of 10 for a grindstone.

You can pass through a grindstone on the map, this will allows you to change your attack to another enemy.

Look out for the monsters with keys, these keys will allow you to unlock treasure chests on the playing area.

Try to get blueprints, these allow you to craft items which are useulf to help you in the game, such as a shield. Blueprints can be found sometimes in treasure chests.

Crafting materials can be found in crates and rocks, just pass your path through these objects to break them.

If you lose hearts during the level, wait until you've lost them all before re-buying them in the inn.

The longer you are in a levle, the angrier to monsters will get, and you could find it impossible to reach the door, it's sometimes a good idea to head for the eit earlier instead of trying to gather some items which mat be difficult to reach.

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