Where to Use Items

Where to Use Items
Granny Guide

There are a heap of items in Granny's house this page of the guide will tell you what each item is for, check out our page on 'Tool Location Guide' for a list of possible locations where the items that you need to use can be found.

Unfortunately for you there are no set places for every object, the locations are pretty much random from game to game. So basically there are no short cuts apart from checking all the possible hiding locations for the specific object that you want.

So that includes inside all drawers and cabinets, toilets, the microwave, sink, even behind objects for example in the case of looking for the door code.

Here is a list of items and where to use them:

Blue Key
Use it on the padlock on the front door

Cutting Pliers
User the pliers on the door to make both lights turn green. Also to cut the wires in the circuit box on the basement wall. You can also use the pliers to cut the power to the jail ventilator.

To smash the item blocking the wooden door so you cna get through it.

Use this on the metal box on the wall in the basement.

Cog Wheel
Use it on the machine in the playhouse to unlock a hidden space where you may find an item.

Winch Handle
Use this item on the well in the garden to raise a bucket whcih may contain an item.

Alarm Code
Use this on the front door to get out of the house.

Teddy Bear
Play with the teddy bear in the crib room to see Slenderina.

Guillotine / Melon
Use the guillotine to break open the melon.

Wooden Key
To unlock the weapons box with a crossbow and tranquilizer darts to use on Granny.

Gold Key
use this to unlock the basement safe.

Red Master Key
To Unlock to main front door and finally escape.

If there are any items that we have missed, please drop us a note with the details in the comments section.

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