Tool Locations

Tool Locations
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In Granny tools can spawn in any number of locations and the places change from game to game.

Here is a list of possible locations of items and tools the game.

Also check out our page on: Where to Use Items.

Bedroom drawers
Shelf next to Jail Ventilator
Behind the Jail Ventilator (use wire cutters to cut power to fan)
Playhouse Machine (use cog wheel to unlock space behind the machine)
Hidden Tunnel under the Shed
Shed on the table
Side of Basement stairs (use screwdriver to open it)
Screwdriver Safe
Room under the stairs
Playhouse Safe
Jail Ventilator
Inside the Melon
Basement - Safe
Kitchen - Microwave
Kitchen - Fridge
Kitchen - Cabinets, inside and stuck to sides
Slendrina room drawers
Basement - Stool
Inside the Well in the Backyard
Teddy Secret Room
Playhouse - Cog Safe
Bathroom - Toilet
Bathroom - Sink
Dining Room - Glass Wardrobe
Cutting Pliers Hanging Meat Room Shelf
First Floor - Under TV
Top of Secret Room entrance

If you have any specif questions about tools and where to find them, drop us a comment or question.

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