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Granny Cheats and Tips

Welcome to our game help site for Granny. A place to find cheats and tips, get redeem codes, ask questions, check guides or find friends. Check below for our current content.

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Granny Walkthrough

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How to Beat Granny
Beating the game while require a lot of practice and effort. We recommend that you get accustomed to the game by playing in Easy Mode or Normal Mode ..
Where to Use Items
There are a heap of items in Granny's house this page of the guide will tell you what each item is for, check out our page on 'Tool Location Guide' ..
Tool Locations
In Granny tools can spawn in any number of locations and the places change from game to game. Here is a list of possible locations of items and ..
How to look around Swipe the screen to change the direction that your character looks in, use this in conjunction with the white dot controller to ..
Starting Room Glitch
In the room that you start in there is a door which is unlocked, however, if you get killed by Granny in that room, when you start your next life the ..

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Granny FAQs

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Where is the hammer in granny?

I have found the hammer in the car ... + 2 More Answers

Where is the hammer?

There is no set location, try all the drawers and cabinets. The location changes for all players. For more information on item locations check out this page of our guide:

Where do I use the weapons key?

You use this in the secret room to unlock a box which contains tranquilizer darts and a crossbow. You can shoot granny with it and she will be unconscious for a while depending on your level of difficulty you are playing. ... + 1 More Answers

Where is the safe key?

Sometimes it is in the melon. If you can find one (sometimes in a bathtub), then take it to the guillotine in the backyard to open it up. Alternatively try the room with the teddy, go to the wall panel and open it up with a screwdriver, I have found a safe key in there before too. But as with all items, the locations are different from game to game. For more information on item locations check out this page of our guide:

Where are the padlock codes?

I saw it in the room under the stairs, in the can in the basement, in the kitchen drawers in the wardrobes and lockers. ... + 2 More Answers

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Granny Reviews

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I think that Granny is for kids 12+. Although it’s a really fun game and I spend hours playing it, it’s very bloody and violent. I would suggest that there be vents like in Among Us, where you can vent to different places without being caught. My dog was traumatized because he watched me play it. His name is ..

4.9 / 5.0

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